Zen Cart Template Design And Complete Store Setup
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Upgrade Zen Cart Version 1.5+ to Current

Price: $400.00

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When you do an upgrade, you ALL module installs - whether new or ones needing to be upgraded will be 50% off if you use coupon code - ModsUpgrade - when you check out.


If done the right way, doing an upgrade is very much like rebuilding a new website, with the exception of the design / logo / header, etc. The latest version of the software has to be reinstalled, the database updated, your design files updated to match the current version and more.

As Zen Cart is upgraded, so are some of the modules that people have written for the software. Our price is for an upgrade of the store with no module upgrade. If you have modules installed, we will need to look in your admin to see what all you have and give you an individual quote based what mods might have to be upgraded.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 406-880-4330 prior to ordering.

Here is the procedure we follow when doing an upgrade (in most cases):

1.   Create a new folder on your server called /upgrade
2.   Download all current files from your website onto our office computer and create a backup of your complete site and database
3.   Using a file compare utility, we compare your current files to the latest version of zen cart's files to see what changes have been made between the two versions and merge the files together
4.   Make a copy of your database and import it into a new database
5.   Upload the "merged" files to the /upgrade folder
6.   Change the configuration files to point to the cloned database
7.   Run the upgrade of the database to current version of zen cart
8.   Install any new mods ordered and any upgraded modules ordered
9.   Test functions of store to make sure all is working properly
10.  Upload all new files to where your current store is
11.  Upgrade current database
12.  Do another test order to make sure all is functioning properly on the newly upgraded site

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