Zen Cart Template Design And Complete Store Setup
Judy Gunderson - 406-880-4330

Install Your Zen Cart Template

Price: $125.00

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Price includes:
1.  Install provided template files that you have purchased elsewhere
2.  Change the logo or header graphics to words or graphic that you supply
3.  Install your images if the template has an Image Slider on the main page.
4.  Change configuration in your zen cart admin area that are required based on how the template is laid out.

**If you have template specific modules installed -  these mods will need to be installed into your new template for an additional fee.

**If your template has flash, you will need to have it edited by the place you are purchasing the template from prior to us installing the template on your site.

**Be aware that some modules may not work with the template that you purchase.

***Many templates are version specific.  If you are not running the latest version of zen cart, please consider upgrading to the current version and purchase a template for that version.  It will save you money (and heartache if you get hacked) in the long run

PLEASE call me at 816-550-1900 if you have ANY questions regarding this service prior to purchasing it.

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