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Transfer Zen Cart Site To Our Server

Price: $100.00

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There are a multitude of reasons why you may wish to move your zen cart hosting to one of our servers.  Whether you are on an overloaded, shared server with slow page speed, are tired of hearing your hosting company say they don't "support third party software" when you have a zen cart problem or you may just looking for a fast, PCI compliant hosting company that never overloads their servers, we will be happy to help.  

What we do for you when you move to our server:

 1 - Backup all of your files from the current server, uploading these files to our server
(this includes html files outside of your ZenCart store if you have them)
2.  Backup of your Mysql database that holds your inventory items (if possible) and installation of this database to the new server

3 - Change configure files, cache and logging to point to our server
4 - We can also change the DNS where you purchased your domain name from if you need us to

Keep in mind, there may be times when the MySQL database is not accessible or downloadable. Usually this is not the case, but if it is NOT available, it will be your responsibility to enter all your products again.  We can help with other setup like taxes, shipping, payment, etc for an additional fee.

This price is restricted to moving a web site to one of our dedicated servers. We will not consider moving to a different server other than ours at this price.

NOTE:  All transferred websites must be hack free and the CURRENT VERSION of Zen Cart. 

Please read about our hosting prior to ordering a move.


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