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Search Configuration Files in Admin

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Have you ever needed to change something on your zen cart website, but did not know where to go to change it? 

This module adds an extra menu item to your admin Tools menu that allows you to see all the configuration keys for zen cart.  Use the search box to search titles and descriptions.

For example, you may want to turn off the Tell A Friend button - or at the very least configure it to not allow a guest to tell a friend so you don't get robots spamming you,   In this case, you would enter the words Tell A Friend into the search field and this module will generate a page that shows all references in your admin area to that button.  It shows links that you can click on and go to the spot in your admin to change the configuration!

This is a very nice module for that hands on shop owner that wants to get familiar with the admin configuration and change things themselves instead of having to pay for help or spend time searching the internet for solutions.

Tested and works on version 1.3.9H

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