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PayPal & Zen Cart

It is of utmost importance when you are selling products online that you utilize a fast, secure and reliable shopping cart program. The Zen Cart  software is open source (free) and integrates PayPal Express Checkout and Web Payments Pro into its payment modules.

Paypal's Web Payments Pro allows you to process your credit card transactions behind the scenes so visitors never know you are using Paypal as your payment processor.  This method requires you to have an SSL Certificate for your zen cart store to follow PCI Compliance Regulations.

PayPal Express Checkout allows your customers to purchase your products using their PayPal account and when they choose this option, a call back will come from PayPal and set up the customer's account in your zen cart store automatically.  Using PayPal Express checkout as your only method does not require an SSL Certificate because all credit card data is entered on Paypal's secure server.

PayPal charges a percentage of the sale as a fee for their service as well as a monthly fee if you use PayPal Web Payments Pro.

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