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Zen Cart Hosting

Please call or email us if you would like to host your site on one of our PCI Compliant, fast, secure, never overloaded servers.

We are a little picky and do not allow just anyone to be on our servers - just those we have a working relationship with, so we have a different "obscure" website that we can send you a link to.

Our main Terms of Service for those hosting with us are:

1.  If you have a newsletter with more than 100 subscribers, you must use an emal service such as Mail Chimp to send out your news letters.  We do not allow mass emails to be sent out through our server because it can slow down a server, and possibly take it down.  We do not want your site or any other client's sites to go down!

2.  We do not work on or host any websites that are associated with porn, hate related, racially biased or otherwise offensive.

3.  We expect all our clients to have the latest version of any software they are using - such as zen cart, word press, smf forum, etc.  The reason for this is that as software is developed, hackers try their dead level best to break into the coding.  Once they do, and the developers of the software find out about it, they issue a new release that keeps the hackers away.  They also usually issue bug fixes to the software.   You wouldn't dream of running a Norton Virus program that came out in 2005 and never updates new trojans or viruses on your new computer, would you?

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